Popular Questions about Worldwide Brands

In addition to my earlier Worldwide Brands review, I want to answer some popular questions that I'm often asked about Worldwide Brands, sort of like an FAQ section.

What is WWB?

Worldwide Brands is not a wholesaler or drop shipper itself, rather it's a directory of about 7,000 – 9,000 drop shippers, manufacturers and wholesalers – all of which have been researched and verified as legitimate before being added to the easily searchable database in the members area.

How many products does Worldwide Brands have for sale?

WWB is the largest directory in terms of products – by a long way.  With more than 16 million products it's ten times the size of Salehoo and about eight times the size of Doba.

How much does it cost per year?

Unlike other directories, WWB has a one off fee – not an annual one.  It costs $299 for unlimited membership and there no additional costs.

Are there any discounts available?

There often are yes.  There is a $30 discount that's available most of the time.  In addition to that, on certain holidays (e.g. Black Friday, 4th July) there is a limited $50 discount available.

Is Worldwide Brands worth joining?

Yes, but only if you are looking for sources of wholesale goods and dropshippers.  It's great for that, but not useful if you are not running an e-commerce or re-selling business.

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