The Pros And Cons Of Using Marble Floor Tiles

 Marble tiles are the most popular and widely accepted source of tiles which are quarried from all the mines around the world. These marbles have all that what people expect in the Industry. It has got the beauty and the elegance and the style. Some people have now started to go advance and search “ porcelain tile shop near me “. The reason is because people are more likely to go for the porcelain style of tiles to the luxurious comfort and maintains. This is how the industry works. Trends change and people adapt to new materials. There are some many strong arguments in favour of marble tiles. Still people see it as a very viable option. Here are some of the Pros and Cons of Marble Floor Tiles:



The marble floor has a very powerful look. It can bring decors like waterfall and other structures coming with great designs. The material is heavily refined and at the same time it gives a great feel and energy. Marble floor tiles in Sydney are widely liked by people.


Marble is naturally known to be a product of this Earth. For this reason every piece of marble that we get is unique. That can be used to make tiles and patterns all over which cannot be replicated. For this reason it is a good option.


Artists over the centuries have given great importance to the use of marble. The reason behind it is that the marble allows the light to pierce through it only slightly. This makes for a translucent material.  It gives a more pronounced look.


Marble has a silky and smooth look because it is polished. It has both sophistication and glamour.


Acid Stains

The pH scale of marble is basic. When it comes in contact with acidic substances it reacts. Acid stains are very common on the marble tiles. Care need be taken


Marble is a soft rock and is easily prone to scratches.

Water Damage

Marble is porous like all natural stones and is prone to penetration.

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