3 Ways to Check if Your Windows 7 is Activated

By now you should know that every version of Windows required activation. If you do not activate Windows 7 after the grace periods, then you will not able to use it.

So, activation is a must for Windows 7 but if you are using the newer OS like Win 8.1 or 10, then even the Windows is not activated, you still can use it with some of the functions was inaccessible.

In case if your version of Windows is not activated, either you can purchase a product key or get a free Windows 7 loader to activate Windows 7.

So how to check your version of Windows 7 is activated or not, this article will let you know.

Method 1: Through Control Panel

This is the most common way and many people may know it, that’s using the Control Panel. To do it, click the Start, go to Control Panel, then click on System and Security (left panel), and then click on System (right panel).

From the screen, under the Windows activation section, you will see the wording – Windows is activated. If not, then you require to activate it within 30-day after installation.

Note: You also can access the screen by clicking on Start, right-click on Computer, then Properties.

activate Windows 7

Method 2: Through Activation Window

This method is simple as you just need to use the search function.

Click the Start button, type in activate windows in the search box. You will be prompt a list of search queries and look for Activate Windows’, usually under the Control Panel and click on it.

You will be prompt another window saying that ‘Activation was successful’ if your windows already activated. If not, it will show message that required activation.


Method 3: Through Online Validation

This method required internet connection by going to the Microsoft website. The link is here:


Use Internet Explorer when you go to the site you may require to download an extra Windows Validation Components called WindowsActivationUpdate.exe. Run and install the file. Once installed, it will detect whether Windows is genuine.


So, when you buy a new computer with pre-installed Windows in it, you should always check that the Windows is activated. Also, if you are installing or re-install a new Windows 7, you should always remember to activate it.

For more information on using activators to activate Windows 7, visit this site.

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