Selecting the right MEWPS for the job and site


Great care must be taken to select the most appropriate MEWPS and ensure that the use of machines are properly maintained and planned. Operatorinstructions and training are very important requirements. Someone on the ground should know what to do in an emergency and how to operate the machines ground controls. There are various precautions that can reduce the risk from the MEWPS hazards.

Training and competence of MEWPS operators

MEWPS operators should have attended a recognised operator Training course and received a certificate. In addition to formal training for the type of MEWP, operators should have familiarisation training in the control and operations of specific make and model of MEWP they are using. Operators should be encouraged to report defects or problems relating to mobile elevated working platforms. It must be thoroughly examined at least every 6 months by the competent person.

Complex pieces of equipment often used for access in hazardous areas.

Duty holders must choose best MEWP for the task, given the type and the work environment. The work needs to be properly planned and hazards managed at the worksite. Planning a safe way to do a job can help identify the the hazards of any work using an MEWP. There are various ways to identify hazards while working with MEWP. While significant hazards are a top priority, all hazards should have effective control.

A work-at-height fall-prevention solutions

MEWPS have built-in safety features to improve work-at-height safety. It enables personnel on the ground to lower the machines and operate without difficulties. If the MEWP is positioned on something which is greater then the machines is rated for, an alarm will sound and machine operations will cease until the machine is returned to safe position. It allows the operator to attach their harness to the platform

MEWPS are safer, more productive and economical to use. They avoid unnecessary strain injury and they have fewer maintenance problems. MEWPS are designed specifically to improve safety when working at height.

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