Vintage kombis at your wedding


Vintage never goes out of style and what better way to bring some vintage style at your wedding? Weddings and related ceremonies are one of the most social days for related families and friends. We put in all our efforts to make the wedding a special affair. Sometimes, we can do the same with a different arrangement and set-up. A kombi van is a cute and vintage style van that acts as a great prop for the wedding or even for the wedding photo shoots.

Arrive in your personalized kombi van

The bride and groom arrivals are quite exciting as we try to make some special arrangements. It would be a great idea to let the pair come in their respective or one kombi van. The cute pastel colors in the vans look great in the photos. It is downright one of the cutest arrivals and those couples that love all things cute and fancy must not let this opportunity pass by. Celebrate your wedding with style and with some vintage class and sass!

Kombi vans as photo shoot props

Another great way to use these kombi vans is to incorporate them during the wedding photo shoot. The vans really add to the aww factor and make the pictures look brighter, better and happier! Opt for kombi van hire for wedding and use it as both a photo prop and the arrivals.

It will be most memorable if the couple uses the van to leave the venue after wedding ceremony concludes.

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